572-- Rachel Cooks and Eats her Lunch in Bondage Pt 2

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. 

Sexy Rachel Adams, wearing just a bra, panties and pantyhose has just finished cooking her lunch while handcuffed and gagged. Now it's time to eat the lunch that she prepared. However, conditions were put in place when she asked to cook something to eat. So now Rachel must eat her lunch while still handcuffed. 

As the clip begins, Rachel's hands are uncuffed and the quickly cuffed behind her back with the same handcuffs. She is then sat on a stool at the counter. Her ankles are then shackled to the stool to keep her in place while she eats. 

Once Rachel is cuffed and secured in place, the ball gag is removed from her mouth and the bowl with her lunch is moved in front of her. Rachel waste no time in digging in to her lunch. She blows on it to help cool it a little before beginning to eat. Without the use if her hands, the sexy MILF is forced to use just her mouth to eat the noodles she has prepared out of the bowl. 

As she gets near the end and the contents of the bowl get a little harder for her to get to I step in to help her out. I'm a nice guy after all. So i grab a fork and pull up a stool beside the handcuffed and shackled Rachel. I feed the rest of her noodles to her and once the noodles are all gone I hold the bowl up to allow Rachel to drink the broth that remains. Once the broth is gone and the bowl is empty I wipe the handcuffed MILF's mouth for her. 


This is where the clip ends

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