573-- Pepper's Afternoon of Nylon Encasement and Tape Bondage Play

Sexy Pepper Sterling loves bondage and pantyhose. So when she was looking to entertain herself during quarantine she decided to enjoy an afternoon of nylon encasement and tape bondage. As the clip begins she is a bra and panties and is encaseed in pantyhose as she shows off her roll of duct tape that she's planning on using during her afternoon of bondage play. 

Papper soon begins taping her legs up begining with her ankles. She enjoys it as she adds each round of tape to her legs up to her thighs. She shows off her sexy pantyhose cladlegs in the tape bondage as she caresses them and enjoys the feel of the tape securing her legs. After taping her legs up Pepper stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and seals them in with a wrap around tape gag. She continues to enjoy the tape bondage on her legs and also the mouth stuffing gag sealed with tape. 

Eventually Pepper ends up with her wrists and elbows taped behind her back as she is left to struggle and enjoy her afternoon of nylon encasement and tape bondage play.

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