581-- Rachel Gets Tied in a Super Tight Reverse Prayer Hogtie with Twine Pt 2

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ends. 

As the clip begins, Rachel sits in the floor. Her arms bound tight in a reverse prayer. the harness gag remains in place, secured tight in her mouth to keep her quiet. I position her lags and quickly tie her ankles tightly together with twine. I then take more twine and tie her legs tightly together above her knees. Once i have her legs tightly bound with twine I lay Rachel in the floor and position her on her stomach. 

With her in proper position I take some more twine and tie her ankles to the chest harness, cinching the twine tight and pulling Rachel into a super tight hogtie. But i'm not done. To add even more to her predicament, I take even more twine and tie it to Rachel's head harness. I take the other end and tie it off to her feet, pulling her head back to add even more tension her Rachel's tight bondage predicament. 


With her hogtie complete, I leave Rachel to struggle and endure her super tight reverse prayer hogtie predicament.

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