584-- Rachel Bound and Struggling in Ballet Boots

Sexy Rachel Adams sits on her knees in the floor as she awaits her next bondage challenge. She wearing a sexy black catsuit and some ballet boots. Her hands are soon tied tight behind her back followed by her elbows being crushed together. A black ball gag is secured tight in her mouth to finish things off. Rachel is then left to struggle and try to find a way to walk out of the room.


Rachel struggles in her bondage and ballet boots. She tries to find a way out of her bondage but cant. She struggles to stand in her ballet boots, using some furniture to help her some, but she finds it very difficult to stand for more than a few seconds, much less walk out of the room while bound and wearing the ballet boots. Rachel becomes more and more frustrated as she struggles with futility and it becomes more and more apparent that it will be impossible to walk out of the room while wearing the ballet boots. 

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