612-- Rachel's Ballet Boot and Strappado Predicament

Sexy Rachel Adams can take some tough bondage and predicaments and this sexy MILF is always up for a challenge. So i decide to give her a challenge and predicament that she has never faced before. Wearing hot pink panties and bra with sexy black pantyhose, Rachel is also wearing ballet boots. Rachel has only worn ballet boots a couple of times before so she's not really experienced in them. But that is only part of her challenge. 

Once i rig a chest harness and tie her hands tightly behind her back, Rachel is forced to stand and balance in her ballet boots. You can see in her face and eyes that she is having a difficult time and that it is taking all of her concentration. To add to and finish off her predicament Rachel is pulled into a strappado with rope tied to her wrists and the other end tied off above her head. Rachel's predicament just got much harder. 


Rachel is left to suffer and endure in her predicament as she struggles to balance in her her ballet boots while also in a strappado tie. Again the agony can be seen in her face and all of her concentration is focused on maintaining her balance. 

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