630-- Ariel's Self Bondage Tutorial Gone Wrong

Sexy Ariel Anderssen loves bondage and she loves teaching about bondage. So she decided to shoot a self bondage tutorial to help people around the world be able to indulge their fantasies of self bondage safely. Topless and wearing just a pair of pantyhose, Ariel is enthusiastic as she begins her tutorial. She talks about enjoying both rope and metal bondage, so she has decided to show everyone how to safely do both at the same time. 

Ariel first ties her ankles and kness tightly together as she happily talks to her audience. Once she has her knees and ankles tied tightly she takes a neck cuff and attaches it in place. She the gags herself with a ball gag before handcuffing her hands behind her back. To finish off the self bondage predicament she attached her handcuffs to the chain from her neck cuff. She eagerly shows off each step and shows off the bondage once she is finished. 


After completing her self bondage, the sexy blond realizes that she left her keys on the table and has to hobble over to retrieve them. Returning to the bed, she begins to show her audience how it's simple to unlock yourself from the self bondage predicament and free yourself. Unfortunately after several attempts at unlocking the handcuffs and the handcuffs from the chain, Ariel realizes that she has made a mistake with how she has positioned the handcuffs and the lock securing them to the chain. She continues to try to free herself, becoming increasingly more panicked. Soon she realizes that she is stuck and unable to free herself from the self bondage predicament. She panics more and begins to call out for help hoping that someone might hear her calls. 

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