631-- Rachel's Brutal Outdoor Bondage Predicament with Twine

Sexy Rachel Adams is back for more hard bondage. No story line here, just Rachel taking some tough bondage in a brutal outdoor predicament in twine. Rachel never backs down from a challenge and this time is no exception. 

Wearing just a pair of panties and pantyhose Rachel is walked to the T-Bar placed in the ground. She's already gagged with a ball gag harness and a simple chest harness has been tied with twine. She kneels down at the T-Bar and soon her predicament bondage begins. 

First more twine is used to add a second chest harness and the I bind her tits good and tight with even more twine. Next her arms and hands are pulled into a reverse prayer position and tied tight using even more twine. A  tight crotch rope with twine is added and then Rachel is tied to the T-Bar at the waist with more twine. 

Her ankles are then pulled up and tied off to each side of the T-Bar. This forces her to balance on her knees, adding even more difficulty to her predicament. Finally her crotch rope is tied off and pulled tight to a stake that was driven in the ground. 


Rachel takes and endures this tight, brutal bondage predicament for your enjoyment.

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