645-- Rachel"s Outdoor Suspended Mummification

36:39 video

There is no story line to this clip. Just sexy Rachel Adams being tightly mummified to and suspended from a tree in the great outdoors. 

Rachel is always looking for challenges and trying new and different things, so when the chance presented itself, she decided she wanted to do a challenging outdoor mummification. I certainly was not going to turn her down. So off to the woods we went. 

Wearing a sexy bodysuit and pantyhose, Rachel is positioned on a step stool against a good, sturdy tree as she awaits the multilayer mummification to begin. Her torso is first wrapped tightly with shrink wrap and then a tight layer of tape is added on top to tightly secure her torso to the tree. Another layer of shrink wrap is then added from her knees to her shoulders, securing her arms to her body and the tree. Another layer of tape is then added from her knees to her shoulders, finishing off the cocooning of her upper body to the tree. Rachel's legs are then pulled up and back and wrapped with shrink wrap securing them to the tree. Even more tape is then used to tightly wrap her lower legs, securing then and cocooning them to the tree as well.

Once Rachel's body is completely secured and cocooned to the tree it's time to move to her head. First a sponge is stuffed in her mouth, then her head is secured to the tree with a tight layer of shrink wrap. I finish off her outdoor mummification by tightly wrapping and cocooning her head and face to the tree. 

During the process of the entire mummification we share some small talk and discuss the process a bit. I also take advantage of Rachel's helplessness and tickle to exposed, nylon clad feet.


Once Rachel is completely cocooned, mummified and suspended she is left to endure and enjoy her outdoor mummification challenge. 

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