651-- Wonder Rachel's Bondage Training Gone Wrong

26:32 video

Every year Wonder Rachel has to go through bondage endurance training to help her prepare for her fight against evil in the event she were to be captured. As the sexy superheroine crime fighter has reported for her training this year, she finds herself locked into a tight hogcuff that she much endure for 20 minutes in order to pass her training. 

She is instructed to first take her boots off. Our sexy superheroine is then quickly locked into Irish 8 handcuffs with her hands behind her back and her ankles locked together. More handcuffs are then used to lock Wonder Rachel into a secure and unforgiving hogcuff. A large black ball gag is secured tight in her mouth to add to the training challenge and Wonder Rachel is left to endure her tight, metal bondage predicament.

Having made it through her training challenge, Wonder Rachel is informed that she has passed. However while still locked in the Irish 8 handcuffs and helpless, she is informed that the masked man performing her training is actually a double agent. The sexy superheroine is rendered helpless with a rag and left helpless in the floor, a captive of a foreign government.



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