657-- Another Evening of Gags with Rachel Pt 2

21:25 video

Rachel endures more and ever increasingly harsh gags as Part 2 of this series picks up where part 1 ended. 

As part 2 begins Rachel remains tied to a chair. She endures as her mouth remains stuffed with a sponge and sealed tight with 3 inch microfoam tape. After a few minutes it is time to change her gag. The microfoam tape is removed as well as the sponge. An even bigger sponge is then stuffed in Rachel's mouth and sealed in with duct tape wrapped tightly around her head. She is left to struggle and endure her new gag. 

After a few more minutes of enjoying Rachel endure her new gag, it's time for yet another change. The duct tape is removed as well as the sponge. A very large car wash sponge is then stuffed and crammed into Rachel's mouth and sealed tight with clear taped wrapped tightly around her head. The stress of the even larger mouth packing and tight tape can be seen in her eyes as she is left to endure this new gagging. 

After a few minutes it is time for rachel to face and endure her last, but most intense gag of the evening a 3 layer tape, cleave gag. The clear tape and car wash sponge are removed from Rachel's mouth. Her last gag of the evening begins with 2 inch microfoam tape. It's pulled deep into Rachel's mouth with several layers wrapped tightly around her head. Next several layers of 1 inch electrical tape are wrapped and pulled deep into Rachel's mouth over the microfoam tape. As the stress of the intense tape cleave gag shows on Rachel's face, a 3rd and final layer is added. Several layers of duct tape are added on top of the 1st 2 layers and wrapped tightly around Rachel's head to finish off this tight and intense final gagging. 

Rachel is left to suffer and endure the very tight and deep 3 layer tape cleave gag as tears and drool flow from her face.  



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