663-- Rachel Stretched to Her Breaking Point

21:32 video

Sexy Rachel Adams takes on another tough predicament in this outdoor bondage clip. Wearing some sexy short shorts, a top, pantyhose and strappy high heels, Rachel is put to the test as she is stretched to her breaking point. 


As the clip begins Rachel is led to a small tree. Her hands are quickly tied tightly behind her back and tree. Her elbows are then crushed together behind the tree. A chest harness is then added, further securing Rachel tightly to the tree and adding to her predicament. Now that Rachel is secured tightly to the tree it's time to make her predicament even tougher. First a crotch rope is tied tightly in place. The crotch rope is the pulled tight and tied off to another rope that has been tied off to another tree about 10 feet from Rachel, this not only pulls Rachel's crotch rope tighter, but forces her into an extreme back arch. Metal rings are then driven into the ground behind and on either side of Rachel's legs. Her ankles are then pulled back and tied tight to the metal rings. This forces Rachel into an even harsher back arch, stretching her body in multiple directions. With a sponge stuffed in her mouth and taped tightly in placed Rachel is left to suffer and endure in her extreme outdoor bondage predicament. 

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