670-- Ariel's Chairbound BDSM and Tit Torment Pt 1

11:52 video

Sexy Ariel Anderssen decided she wanted to meet BondageDownSouth. So I decided bring her in for a test run. Wearing just a pair of panties, pantyhose and high heels, Ariel is tied to a chair as the clip begins. Her hands are tightly tied behind her back, behind the chair and her legs are spread with her ankles tight tight to the legs of the chair. A harsh, spring loaded metal gag keeps her mouth open and Ariel unable to protest other than some grunts. 

I further secure Ariel with more rope as her arms are pinned tightly to her body as a chest rope is added. The rope bra is cinched tight between Ariel's small tits. Once her arms are secured tight I turn my attention to Ariel's exposed, small tits as her test begins in ernest. Ariel's tits are soon lined with clothes pins clamped down, giving a good pinch to her small tits. I leave them in place as I add more rope to Ariel's legs, tightly binding and cinching them to the chair. Ariel is then left to endure test with her tits painfully pinched with clothes pins. 

Soon I return and the spring loaded metal gag that had forced Ariel's mouth open is removed and replaced with a large black ball gag. I play with Ariel's tits for a bit before continuing to test her. A very sharp, wooden skewer is brought out and used to help tenderize the small, sexy tits as Ariel can do nothing but helplessly endure. After a few minutes tenderizing Ariel's tits, I remove the clothes pins and proceeds to manhandle Ariel for a bit. Ariel's tits are roughly manhandled, squeezed, the nipples flicked and pinch, all to Ariel's dismay.


Once I've had my fun manhandling Ariel's tits I grab some nipple suckers and begin to apply them to Ariel's nipples as Ariel looks on helplessly. This is where part 1 ends. 

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