676-- Rachel's Metal Bondage Tickle Torment Pt 1

12:41 video

Sexy Rachel Adams is very ticklish. It's always fun to lock Rachel up in some bondage and take advantage of her very ticklish body. So i decided to do just that. With Rachel where some sexy white lingerie and pantyhose I locked her up in some metal bondage. Her hands are handcuffed behind her back with hinged cuffs and her ankles are cuffed together with hinged handcuffs as well. I also have Rachel's elbows cuffed together with some elbow cuffs. 

With Rachel totally helpless it's time to take advantage of her ticklish body. From head to toe Rachel is very ticklish so I leave no spot safe and I give Rachel a good tickling workout. I have purposely left rachel ungagged because her cute little laugh when she is being tickled is so much fun to listen to, knowing that she is helpless and unable to escape as my hands migrate up and down her body getting all of the ticklish spots. 


Eventually i decide to make Rachel's bondage a little tougher so i put some thumbs cuffs on her and then pull her into a hogtie with a pair of shackles. Now she is even more helpless and ready for even more tickle torment. This is where part 1 ends.

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