678-- pepper Suffers Intense Bondage and Tit Torment Pt 1

14:39 video

Part 1 begins as sexy Pepper Sterling sits nervously in a chair. Dressed in a short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels she anxiously awaits her fate from Sinister. 

Soon i make my way behind Pepper and pull her arms behind her and over the chair. I quickly tie her hands together tight with rope. Once her hands are tightly secured behind her back, i take more rope and tie her ankles to a back leg of the chair, spreading her legs and pulling them back. After her ankles are secured, i pause and take a moment to amuse myself by groping and fondling her big tits through her blouse. After giving Pepper a firm grope i stuff her mouth with 2 sponges and seal them in with a tight wrap around gag. Pepper is now helpless, defenseless and unable to protest what might come. 

With Pepper now tightly and effectively gagged I unbutton her blouse, open it up and expose her sexy big tits from underneath her sexy red bra. There's nothing she can do but endure and accept that her fate is in my hands, as well as her tits. Once I have her big, sexy tits exposed, I take more rope to add a chest harness to Pepper's tight bondage, helping to enhance her tits a bit. 

Part 1 ends as i use more rope to tie and secure her shoulders to the chest harness.  




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