680-- Sexy Nurse in Bondage

17:36 video

Sexy Nurse Rachel Adams has had a hard day taking care of others, now she wants to be taken care of and that means some bondage play time. As Rachel walks in from her long day, she sits down on the couch to relax and tease to get her way. She caresses her legs and kicks off her high heels, showing off her sexy feet. Soon she reveals her intent and what she wants as she pulls out a roll of duct tape and tapes her ankles and legs together. She then pulls a large rad ball gag out and secures it tightly in her mouth before convincing her boyfriend to tape her hands together behind her back.

With her hands secured behind her back, the sexy nurse turned bondage plaything struggles on the couch to your delight. After struggling for a while, her boyfriend quietly suggest that there is more fun to be had and sexy nurse Rachel is ready. She stands up and begins to hop off to what awaits her. 

Rachel soon finds herself naked and bound on the bed. Her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied together. A crotch rope is pulled deep and tight into her pussy and a harness ball gag is secured in place to silence her. Rachel's elbows are soon crushed together with more rope and the sexy, naked nurse is pulled into a tight hogtie. Nipple clamps are added to Rachel's sexy tits and she is left to struggle in her bondage. 


Rachel wanted to escape a long day as a sexy nurse by enjoying an evening of bondage and she wasn't disappointed as she was turned into a bondage toy.

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