682-- Pepper Suffers Intense Bondage and Tit Torment Pt 2

13:59 video

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended as Pepper remains tightly chair bound at the hands of BondageDownSouth. 

With her tightly tied, helpless and defenseless and her mouth stuffed and sealed with a tight wrap around gag, I move in to add to Pepper's ordeal and predicament. Using the previously attached chest harness, i take more rope and tightly tie her right tit into some tight bondage. Once i finish with her right tit i take more rope and proceed to tie her left tit in to some tight bondage. 

Once pepper's big sexy tits are tightly tied off with rope I amuse myself by slapping them around a bit as pepper whimpers softly through her packed mouth gag. After enjoying slapping her tied tits I leave her to struggle and suffer for a few minutes. 

I return to entertain myself some more and Pepper's big, tightly bound tits are my target. With a wooden stake and a riding crop at my disposal i slap, poke and spank Pepper's now swollen and sensitive tits. Once i have a some fun with her tits it's time to add to Pepper's bondage predicament. I turn her chair to the side and with rope in hand quickly tie off her hands to the frame of the chair, leaving her no wiggle room with her hands. I then turn her chair some more and using more rope I crush Pepper's elbows together behind her back. I then turn the chair back around and grope and slap her tits a little before leaving her to suffer and endure. 


This is where part 2 ends 

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