685-- Pepper Suffers Intense Bondage and Tit Torment Pt 3

14:19 video

Part 3 begins where part 2 ended. 

Sexy Pepper struggles what little she can as her eyes look off in anticipation of what is to come for her. I've already tied her big tits in tight bondage, slapped, groped, poked and spanked them with a riding crop. Each to the pain, sensitivity and peril Pepper must endure. 

With her anxiously awaiting, I move in on helpless and defenseless Pepper. I go right after her tits, applying nipple clamps to each tit and then using the riding crop on them some more. I leave the nipple clamps on Pepper's swollen tits as i move to redo the rigging on her legs. the clamp on ther right nipple pops off a couple of times as i tightly tie her ankles and knees together, leaving Pepper to yelp and whimper in the background each time. I replace the clamps each time as i finish retying Pepper's legs. 

The clamps are then removed. But i'm not done with Pepper's tits and nipples. I grope and pinch her very sore and sensitive nipples as she again yelps and whimpers through her gag. After giving her sore and sensitive nipples some attention I return to slapping and spanking her tits with the rising crop again. By this point Pepper's tits and nipples are very sore and sensitive> her tits are turning purple from the tight bondage as I enjoy myself as she whimpers. 


Once i have satisfied myself playing with her sexy big tits I turn the lights off and leave Pepper to suffer and endure her predicament in the dark. 

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