687-- Rachel's Super Tight Reverse Prayer Bondage Challenge Pt 1

14:40 video

Sexy Rachel Adams had been boasting about how tough she was and all the bondage she has done. So i decided to invite her over to see just how much she could take. As the clip begins Rachel stands topless, wearing just a pair of panties and pantyhose. You can see the nervous energy in Rachel as she anticipates what i have planned for her. The sexy MILF won;t be getting off easy.

I begin by pulling her arms behind her and into a reverse prayer position. With rope in hand I tie it around Rachel's chest and arms. I don;t like the look starting off, so i pull the rope out and retie the rope around her chest and arms, pulling her arms tight to her body and securing the reverse prayer position. I need to re position her so I grab her by her tits and maneuver her into place. She grimaces as from the tight grip I have ion her tits. 

Now that i have her properly positioned it's time to proceed. I grad some tape and a sponge. I stuff the sponge in Rachel's mouth and seal it in with a tight wrap around tape gag. Once her mouth is packed and sealed tight,I add a neck rope to keep Rachel in position. 

It's now time to add to her bondage predicament and I plan to take my time finishing her reverse prayer bondage. She boasted about being tough and I am going to make her suffer. With more rope in hand I add to her bondage predicament as I use more rope just above her elbows, cinching it tight and pulling her arms even tighter to her body. I continue to add to Rachel's predicament as more rope is used to tie her wrists together high in the reverse prayer position. I then take more rope and work it above her tits and around her body to pin her hands flat to her back, putting even more pressure on her arms. 

Once i have her hands pinned to her back, I decide to have a little fun so I grab her tits and manhandle her some. The with one hand I grab her tit, pulling her into my while i give her a few bare handed slaps on her sexy ass. I then leave her to struggle and balance as best she can while i prepare to add to her tough predicament. 


This is where part 1 ends 

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