688-- Rachel's Super Tight Reverse Prayer Bondage Challenge Pt 2

16:27 video

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. Tied in a tight reverse prayer with her mouth packed and sealed tight with tape, Rachel continues to struggle balancing in her bondage as I prepare to add to her bondage ordeal. 

After laying out more rope it's time to make Rachel even more uncomfortable. So I grab some rope and tie a super tight crotch rope, pulling in deep and tight into Rachel's pussy, causing the sexy MILF to have even more balancing difficulties as she dances around on her tip toes. It's difficult for Rachel to make any sound, but I do manage a squeal or 2 out of her when i pull on the tightly tied crotch rope, digging it even deeper into Rachel's pussy. 

After I finish off her crotch rope I decide it's time for a coffee break. So i pull up a chair, grab my coffee cup & watch Rachel struggle for a few minutes. After a little coffee i'm inspired to add even mote to Rachel's ordeal. So I grab some more rope and tighten the reverse prayer by looping the rope under her elbows, up over her shoulders and around her neck. Once this rope is added and cinched down tight it pulls Rachel's arms up just a bit, tightening the already tight bondage and making it even more uncomfortable for this sexy MILF. 

Now it's time to turn my attention to Rachel's perky little tits. I first use a small piece of rope to cinch the rope above and below her tits tight, making her tits stand up a bit and of course making it more uncomfortable for Rachel. Once this is complete I focus of each individual tit. With more rope in hand I start by tying one end of the rope off to her chest and shoulder harness. From there i tight a few tight loops around each of Rachel's tits, pulling the rope tight and tying it off to her chest harness. Rachel now has some uncomfortable tit bondage to go along with her painfully tight crotch rope and super tight reverse prayer. 


As part 2 ends, Rachel continues to struggle to balance while dealing with not only her reverse prayer, but her deep and painful crotch rope and tit bondage. But I am not done with Rachel and her bondage challenge yet.

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