690-- Rachel's Super Tight Reverse Prayer Bondage Challenge Pt 3

22:00 video

Part 3 picks up where part 2 ended. 

Rachel, topless and wearing just panties and pantyhose continues to struggle in her tight reverse prayer. her mouth has been packed with a large sponge and sealed shut with a tight tape wrap around gag. A super tight crotch rope and tit bondage add to this sexy MILF's agony and peril. 

As part 3 begins I add even more rope to Rachel's already super tight reverse prayer. ALl this hard bondage work makes me tired and thirsty so i take a coffee break as I enjoy Rachel's struggle and agony in her bondage peril. After a quick coffee break I move in and pull on Rachel's crotch rope, digging it even deeper into her pussy and lifting her to her tiptoes. I then swat her sexy ass a couple of times before leaving her to struggle for a few minutes.

I return after a few minutes. I remove Rachel's neck rope and then begin to tightly bind her legs together tightly starting at her hips and working my way to her knees. Each strand of rope securing her legs is tightly cinched, digging the ropes into Rachel's skin. After working my way to her knees, Rachel is sat in a chair before I move her to the floor. This brings out to muffles yelps and grunts as the crotch rope digs deeper into her sore and sensitive pussy when she sits. 


With Rachel now in the floor I tightly tie to legs together from her knees to her ankles. Each layer of rope tightly cinched just as I did with her thighs. Once I have completed Rachel's bondage I leave her in the floor to suffer in her tight and cruel bondage peril. You can see the agony in Rachel's face and eyes as she suffers.  

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