694-- Rachel Begs for Bondage and BDSM Pt 1

17:29 video

Rachel showed up looking for some bondage. Wearing a short skirt, blouse, high heels and pantyhose She tells me it's been a long time since she had some tight bondage and she's really hoping that I can help her out. I tell her to be careful what she asks for. Soon we see Rachel being led into one of my favorite rooms. Rachel's hands are tied in front of her and a burlap sack covers her head. 

I stand her against the bed frame and pull her arms above her head and tie them off to the overhead frame. Her ankles are then spread and tied off to the bed frame leaving her in a modified spread eagle. Then I cut her top and skirt off, exposing the sexy MILF's small, perky tits and her pantyhose clad legs. Then the burlap sack is removed and we see that Rachel is gagged tight with a harness gag. I have a little fun slapping Rachel's tits to give her a warm up of things to come. A chest harness is then tied in place as I continue to add to her bondage peril.

Finally a crotch rope is added, pulled tight so that it bites into Rachel's pussy, adding to her level of discomfort. I then play with Rachel's tits some more, using rope to slap her tits and nipples.


This is where part 1 ends.

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