695-- Rachel Begs for Bondage and BDSM Pt 2

16:24 video

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. 

As Rachel remains tied to the bed in a modified spreadeagle with a crotch rope digging in to her pussy it's time to turn my attention to her small, perky tits and sensitive nipples. I start by cinching her chest harness down. Then I use more rope to tie a little rope bra to help support the sexy MILFs tits. Once this is done, I use twine to tie each of Rachel's tits up tight. Rachel's bound tits are then slapped to add to her ordeal. 

I adjust Rachel's legs, pulling them wider apart and re tying them. This puts more strain on Rachel's arms and also makes her try to stay on her tiptoes. Then more rope is used to tie Rachel's thighs to the bed. As Rachel struggles against her bondage ordeal, her nylon clad feet slide farther apart, putting the sexy MILF in an even tougher predicament. 

With Rachel's legs resecured, I turn my attention back to her tits. I play with and slap Rachel's small perky, bound up tits with a wooden stake followed by a riding crop. Rachel tries to struggle, but there's not much she can do. Clothes pins are then clipped onto each of her tits as I continue to give Rachel just what she begged for. 

With the clothes pins in place, I cut the twine off that had bound up Rachel's tits. Nipple suckers are then placed on Rachel's very sensitive nipples and her reaction is instantaneous as her feet come off the floor leaving her momentarily suspended by her arms. 


Part 2 ends as Rachel is left to suffer and struggle as the nipple suckers work on her sensitive nipples.

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