700-- Rachel Begs for Bondage and BDSM Pt 3

16:30 video

Part 3 begins where part 2 ended. 

As part 3 begins I work to re tie Rachel's legs, bringing them closer, but keeping them in a spread eagle. I do all of this as the nipple suckers continue to work on Rachel's very sensitive nipples. Once her legs are retied, I add to Rachel's nipple ordeal by poking and slapping her tits with the nipple suckers still in place.

Rachels legs again, tying them tightly together and securing them to the bed frame. I then return my attention to the torment of Rachel's nipples and tits. Nipple clamps are placed on Rachel's already very sensitive nipples. She cries and her legs tremble as the clamps inflict their pain on her nipples. I then tie the nipple clamps to Rachel's ankles, pulling the clamps tight on her nipples. I leave her to suffer this way as I prepare for my next assault on Rachel's tits. 

Rachel trembles and cries from the pain inflicted on her nipples as I place electrodes on her tits. The nipple clamps are then removed and Rachel is connected to the TENS unit. Rachel is helpless as I turn the power up on the tens unit to begin her next round of tit torment. She begged me for this and now she is paying the price. 

I continue to use the tens unit on Rachel's tits for a few minutes as Rachel's body trembles and quivers and her cries continue through her head harness ball gag. Eventually Rachel's tens unit torment is complete and the tens unit is put aside. But I'm not done. 


I finish off Rachel's BDSM torment as I place more nipple clamps on her very sore and sensitive nipples. But these are no ordinary clamps, I refer to these clamps as the "claws" as their metal fingers grab the nipple and dig in to give a tight grip. Rachel's reaction is intense and instantaneous as the "claws" inflict even more pain. Rachel's cries turns to  muffled screams of pain as I leave her to suffer in her bondage and BDSM ordeal. 

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