704-- Problem Employee Pt 2

15:00 video

As part 2 begins, bad employee Rachel's sensitivity training continues. Topless and wearing only her panties and pantyhose, Rachel has been tied to a chair. More rope is used to secure her tightly to the chair. Pulled tightly above and below her small tits, helping to not only secure her tightly to the chair, but also to accentuate her small sexy tits. Her ankles are untied, with each ankle then being tied to the back leg of the chair, pulling her legs apart and her feet off the floor. 

Now totally helpless and defenseless, this sexy bad employee's sensitivity training continues. Her tits are slapped a bit to get her attention. Those small sexy tits are then groped and fondled and her nipples pinched. After having her tits and nipples manhandled for a few minutes, Rachel is tormented with a wooden skewer. Her nipples are poked and prodded with the skewer followed by the rest of her sexy body from her tits to her legs to her sexy, sensitive nylon clad feet being subjected to the sharp, pointy attacks from the wooden skewer. 


After a few minutes of tormenting the sexy MILF with the wooden skewer her tits are pinched 1 more time and Rachel is left tied to the chair to await her next round of sensitivity training. This is where part 2 ends.

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