Babysitter Taught A lesson

8:17 video

I came home to find Liv, the babysitter going through my stuff. Catching her red handed, there was onl;y one thing for me to do, teach her a lesson. So, i put her in the car and drove to a hotel a buddy owns. He always hooks me up when i need to teach someone a lesson. SO into the room we go and Liv's lesson befins. I hogtie her on the bed and gag her. She tries to figure a way out and puts up a valiant effort, but it's a struggle she is not going to win. As this cute little babysitter is hogtied and helpless, I tickle her, fondle and grope her and spank her. Watch as I pull her pants down as she is helpless to prevent it only to find that she is not wearing panties. SHe has a great looking ass and i enjoyed giving it a bare handed spanking much to the delight of her protest. When i was finished I pulled her pants down to her knees and leave her hogtied and gagged on the bed to struggle. Maybe next time she will know not to go through my stuff, but then again, I don;t mind if I catch her again. Enjoy as  this lovely, cute and young damsel  struggles and protests valiantly as she learns her lesson. 

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