425-- Sydney's Bondage Challenge Full Version

17:12 video

Sexy ebony bondage/fetish enthusiest Sydney Cyntana wanted the BondageDownSouth experience. Who are we to say no! We love a good challenge and although Sydney has been around for a long time, she is a new face for us and we love putting newbies to us through the paces. So we decided to challenge this sexy ebony MILF and see just how tight she likes her bondage.

As Sydney sits on a table, dressed in flowery, narrow strap dress and wearing pantyhose, we begin her challenge. First her hands are tightly tied behid her back with rope. Next even more rope is used to secure a tight chest harness, pinning Sydney's arms to her side and making her large breasts stand out even more throughout dress. The harness is cinched tight to make sure Sydney knows we mean business. 

With her hands tied tight and her arms pinned to her side with the chest harness, a big black ballgag is placed sercurely in Sydney's mouth. Silenced and with no hope of getting her hands and arms free, Sydney's challenge is starting to take shape. Once gagged we lay Sydney on her stomach on the table. Her nylon clad ankles are tightly tied together with rope, ensuring her helplessness. 

With more rope in hand, I pull this sexy ebony bondage damsel into a tight hogtie. Pulling her ankles up and tying them off to her chest harness, i cinch the hogtie down super tight. But i'm not done. Next I take more rope and secure Sydney to the table as i run the rope under the table and over her hogtie, cinching eveything down tight and pulling the hogtie even tighter. 

I leave this sexy lady to struggle in her super tight predicament. She tries her best to struggle against the tight ropes, but there is not much give. I leave her to her struggles but it wasn;t too much longer before this ebony damsel tapped out of her bondage challenge. 


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