457-- The Senator's Wife Full Version

24:51 video

Sexy MILF Kobe Lee, a powerful Senator's wife, has been captured in her hotel room while on a business trip. A masked man quickly ties Kobe's hands behind the chair. The sexy MILF, dressed in a sexy little black dress, pantyhose and high heels pleads with her captor to no avail. He places a ball gag in her mouth and secures its tightly to keep her quiet. 

With more rope in hand, the masked man quickly ties Kobe's ankles and legs together before pulling her ankles to the side and tying them tight to the leg of the chair. He finishes securing the sexy senator's wife to the chair with more rope tied tightly around her legs and to the chair. 

Once Kobe is tighlyt secured to the cjair, the masked man gropes her through her dress before telling her that he has to go make the ransom demand. The masked man walks away and leaves the MILF to struggle in her bondage peril. 

As the Senator's wife, remains chair tied, gagged and struggling. Her masked captor returns, and unfortunately for this sexy MILF, the news is not good. The sexy damsel is informed that the Senator has refused to pay the ransom. 

With no ransom to be paid, the masked man decides to make the sexy MILF pay in a different way. He unties her ankles and then reties them, each to a leg of the chair, pulling Kobe's legs apart, giving a nice upskirt look at her pantyhose and panties. 

Once she is retied, the masked man brings out a hitachi magic wand. He turns the power on and places the vibrating wand to Kobe's pantyhose covered pussy. The sexy MILF maons, graons and struggles as the vibrations work on her pussy. After a few minutes the masked man takes more rope and tightly secures the vibrating wand to Kobe's leg, making sure that it is good and snug against her pantyhose covered pussy. 

The Senator's wife is then left chair bound, gagged and struggling against the vibrations from the magic wand.

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