474-- macy Nikole in Super Tight Bondage Full version

29:53 video

Macy Nikole is challenged to some super tight bondage in the straight forward clip. No story line here, just a sexy petite blonde tied up tight in rope bondage. Macy's hands are tied tightly behind her back to get things started. Then more rope is used to tight tie her ankles and her legs above the knee. Once her legs are tightly secured I move back to her upper body. 

Macy soon finds her elbows tightly tied together, almost to the touching point. Once her elbows have been crushed, more rope is used to tie a tight chest harness on the sexy petite blonde. A ballgag is placed securely in Macy's mouth to help keep her quiet. The now helpless Macy is forced into the floor in her stomach.

After enjoying Macy struggle a bit, it's time to add to her ordeal. More rope is used to place Macy is a super tight hogtie. As one end of the rope is looped around her ankles, the other end is fed through her chest harness. The rope is cinched down tight, pulling the sexy blonde into a tight hogtie, and then secured tight. But I wasn't done. I promised Macy super tight, inescapable bondage, so I take 1 more piece of rope and tie one end tightly around her feet. The other end is then tied to the upper part of her chest harness. This rope is then cinched down so tight that her sexy high sandals are pulled off and left to dangle. 

With my work on this sexy damsel complete, it's time to sit back and enjoy her struggling in her super tight, inescapable bondage! 


All tying is done on screen..

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