481-- Rachel Adams Hard Bondage and Foot Torture Full Version

36:57 video

Sexy Rachel Adams, wearing panties, bra and pantyhose, lies on her stomach on a table. her wrists are tied tightly behind her back. This sexy brunette MILF will soon face some tough, hard bondage and painful foot torture. 

Rachel's hard bondage predicament begins with her legs being tied into a tight frog tie while she lies on her stomach. A double ring, open mouth gag is placed in her mouth and secure tightly. Gag in place, Rachel's elbows are then tightly tied and welded together. More rope is then tied off to her wrists. Her arms are oulled into a chicken wing and the rope is tied off tightly to the table. Rachel's bondage is slowing becoming tighter and toughter, just the way we like it. Pinned to the table with a tight frog tie and Chicken wing combination, Rachel is totally helpless. Her knees are lashed tightly to the table and then twine is used to tie her big toes to the table, making Rachel completely helpless, defenseless and her feet exposed for the pain and torture to come. 

Rachel's foot torture begins as strong, spring loaded clamps are placed on her toes. The cries, groans and sobs permiate from the sexy MILF's gagged mouth. Rachel is forced to endure the clamps on her toes as her painful predicament is just getting started. Soon the spring loaded clamps are removed from her sexy and sensitive toes, but her reprieve is short lived.

Her new round of foot torture begins with a wooden brush. The sexy nylon covered soles of her feet are raked relentlessly with the bristles from the brush. The helpless MILF moans, groans, grunts and struggles as best she can as the assault on the sensitive feet begins. Her double ring gag is replaced with a large black ballgag. The assualt on her feet continues as the wooden brush is used to spank the soles of her feet. This is met my louder goans, grunts and wells as the painful impacts of the brush make there mark. 

As Rachel sobs and cries from the painful brush assault on her feet, her feet are prepared for some intense electrical therapy with the tens unit. A hole is cut in the soles her her pantyhose, exposing the flesh of her feet. Electrodes from the tens unit are carefully placed on each foot and taped in place. 

Prepped and ready, Rachel's feet are subjected to intense electrical stimulation from the tens unit. The sexy MILF's sensitive feet are no match for the implulses from the tens unit. The cries, wales, sobs and groans from Rachel intensify as the electrical impulses from the tens unit intensify. This sexy MILF suffers as the relentless and intense torture from the tens unit continues on her feet. 


In the end, Rachel suffers humiliation as she is left a sobbing, crying wreck of herself as snot runs from her nose and her face lays in the large pile of drool, snot and tears from her painful and intense foot torture.

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