483-- Kobe Mummified for Orgasms Full Version

29:11 video

As the clip begins, Sexy Kobe Lee stands nervously in the room. Topless and wearing just a pair of pantyhose, this sexy MILF waits for her impending peril. She's nervous and excited as I move in to begin the process of her mummified orgasms. 

With a hitachi magic wand and shrink wrap in hand I being the process Kobe has been nervously anticipating. I place the hitachi between her legs with the vibrating head snug against her pantyhose covered pussy. Kobe gladly provides as helping hand. 

Starting at her feet I begin to wrap Kobe up tightly in her first layer of mummification. Pulling the shrink wrap tight with each wrap, i make my way up her legs. Her arms are tightly wrapped and secured against her body. I purposely leave her big sexy tits uncovered because, well, why would you want to cover those sexy tits up. 


Once the shrink wrap layer in on and the hitachi is tightly secured in place against her pussy it's time for the next layer. I pull the duct tape out and, again, beginning at her feet i slowly work my way up her legs, tightly mummifying them in a cocoon of duct tape. 

As i continue to place Kobe in tight mummification, her sexy pantyhose covered body slowly disappears into a tight, silvery cocoon. Once I have Kobe completely wrapped in tight mummification i place a black ball gag tightly in her mouth. Her big, sexy tits remain exposed to enjoy their beauty. Now it's time for some fun. 

Kobe, helpless and defenseless, is lowered into the floor. Once I have Kobe in the floor I turn on the hitachi and let the vibrating head do its work against Kobe's pantyhose covered pussy. Tightly wrapped and cocooned, there's nothing Kobe can do. She moans and struggles as best she can as the vibrating head of the hitachi works her pussy over. But i'm not making it that easy. To add to her plight, I occasionally turn the hitachi off, just long enough to take the edge off of her. And then quickly turn it back on. Tease and denial can be so much fun, unless you're the helplessly mummified KObe. 

Eventually i leave Kobe to struggle in the floor as the hitachi continues to work it's magic on her pantyhose covered pussy. 




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