491-- Rachel gets Ziptied Pt 2

9:40 video

Part 2 picks up where part 1 ended. Ziptied Rachel stands and struggles, the big black ballgag secure in her mouth. She continues to struggle to keep her balance. I move in and inflict a little pain as I swat her ass with ziptie. Each sting of the ziptie hitting her pantyhose covered ass brings a moan a cry from the sexy MILF. 

Rachel is then moved to the floor. With her helpless in the floor on her stomach and unable to protest due to the big ballgag in her mouth I proceed to place Rachel in a tight ziptie hogtie. I pull the zipties tight that connect her ankles to her chest ties, pulling her ankles tight toward her ass and adding immense strain and tightness to the zipties securing her arms. I leave Rachel to suffer and struggle as best she can for a bit. 


I soon return with a ziptie in hand. Once again i proceed to swat Rachel's sexy and sensitive ass cheeks with the ziptie. Rachel is defenseless and again, each sting of the ziptie on her ass brings out cries and sobs. Soon Rachel has tears, drool and snot coming from everywhere. I leave her to suffer and struggle to keep her face out of the drool, tears and snot mess that she has made in the floor. 

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